Oecophylla Kroto

Excuse Gan, mo ne Kroto asked about livestock, livestock browsing on Kroto instead of animal science seems Kroto still have to pay an undisclosed cz expensive.

Ane plans to make a small business at penginapan to raise Kroto gan.
Kroto bird market prices in Surabaya and surrounding areas
1kg Kroto (gross) = 80rb-90rb
Kroto 1kg (net) = 100rb-150rb

Some idea aja ne Gan, Kroto is a weaver ant eggs (Oecophylla) bgt familiar to lovers of the world perBurungan and perMancingan, Kroto using that for singing bird feed and using that for fish bait. Kroto is usually only taken directly from nature that supplies depending on the weather so if the rainy season as it is very hard to find Kroto.

ask if there are more info about raising bamboo weaver ants through the media, bottles, etc. ranging from taking in the natural bamboo then transferred to the media, then the food at harvest weaver ants and Kroto.

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